Mountain Bikes
Stronger, more durable parts designed with mud in mind. Contact

Mountain Bikes
Bike Life stock a select range each season. Please visit the store or contact Dean to see what's in or if you would like us to get a bike for you.



FREE with every new bike: 1 year of cycle maintenance* . Bike Fitting session (1 hour)


Off-Road in the City
Most of the riding to be found in and around Melbourne is of the XC variety (cross-country) and Bike Life stock a great range of bikes designed specifically for this type of riding. If you’re planning a trip to the Alpine trails however we can also help with sturdier All-Mountain machines.

If you’re stuck in the city but still fancy the idea of a mid-week off-road race, there is a well-established series held at Westgate Park, Port Melbourne every Thursday night on the winding trails around the lakes.

Also, Lysterfield Park offers Melbourne riders 20km of enjoyable and sustainable trails with a variety of sections designed to attract all skill levels.


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