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Fast and light, with an upright riding position for comfort and visibility. Contact
Lekker Bikes
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City bikes from $749

Lekker Dutch Courier Meisje

Lekker Dutch Courier Meisje
SRP $899

. Singlespeed for ease and with an upright riding posture for comfort.
. Very nice drivetrain cover means you can still wear your bell bottom flares and not catch 'em in your chain.
. Made in the Netherlands.

. We also have the Double Dutch Omafiets at $749.

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City bikes from $899


Vanmoof 6
SRP $1,099
SALE $899
. Women's specific geometry.
. Wide, comfortable wheels.
. Low-maintenance design.
. Rust-free Aluminium frame.
. Shimano coaster brake.
. LED lightscharge by solar, mini-USB


FREE with every new bike: 1 year of cycle maintenance* . Bike Fitting session (1 hour)

Safe City Rides

Safe City Riding
With Melbourne streets full of traffic it’s vital that cyclists learn the best ways to stay safe. Here are some top tips from experienced riders, commuters and instructors:

. Make eye contact: Not only should you watch what other road users are doing - be sure they know you are watching them.
. Cycle Defensively: Defensive cycling is all about staying aware of your surroundings, other road users and possible hazards at all times. Don’t just switch off when you start to pedal.
. Be Seen: Staying visible is vital, especially at night when city streets are alight with road signs, shop signs, trams and other vehicles. Use flashing lights, hi-viz and reflective gear if you’re feeling vulnerable.


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