Bike fitting
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Bike fitting

It’s not so bad walking to the corner in a pair of ill-fitting shorts, but if you jog around town for the week it won’t take long before you start wishing you’d bought the pair that fit!

Just like when buying clothes, there is little uniformity between bike brand sizing- a large VanMoof is not necessarily the same thing as a large Electra. Do some miles and those little areas where the bike just isn’t quite right for you will magnify and ruin your lovely bike riding experience.

People want different things from their riding and come in an infinite variety of different shapes and sizes. Bike Fitting is about striking that perfect balance between comfort and performance to suit the individual.

By using a motion analysis set-up (a system of cameras to monitor your movement pattern) on our bike simulator, our team can calculate the ideal angles and lengths for your perfect fit.


We can then confidently recommend the best bike for you. With a few tweaks like changing the head stem, saddle, seatpost, handlebar position and lever alignment as needed, we can then get you on the bike that individually suits you and your riding.

The closest thing to a custom built bike at an off-the-rack price!

* Buy any new bike from Bike Life and you’ll receive our full Bike Fitting service. We charge $100 for the fitting as it can take up to an hour to get everything right, but this charge will be taken off the purchase price of your bike.

Bike fit

FREE with every new bike: 1 year of cycle maintenance* . Bike Fitting session (1 hour)

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